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Mountain Milk

Cutting-edge, advanced healing protocols to Take Back your health!

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Why Mountain Milk? What are the benefits?


We provide a complete protocol that is designed to give your body the essential ingredients it needs to balance and heal itself.


The goal is to properly hydrate and balance the pH of the body, fix essential nutrient and mineral deficiencies, and naturally reduce inflammation and detoxify on a cellular level.


The benefits include increased energy, weight loss, muscle gain, boosted immune function, balanced hormones, improved learning, memory, and concentration, elevated mood, improved sleep and many more. This protocol may help with almost every physical and mental condition. 



 We work directly with our partner company Pristine Hydro in Laguna Woods, California created by Glen Caulkins. Our mission is to help spread the awareness and availability of their products throughout Australia to help as many people as possible.


Glen Caulkins has a profound story which can be read here He has innovated the best water systems on Earth, along with the “Pristine Nutrient Protocol” and advanced bodywork techniques to help thousands of people along with some of the top athletes in the world such as Kelly Slater, T.J. Dillashaw, Juan Jannai Archuleta, Vitor Belfort, Tim Bradley, Cub Swanson, Georgi Karakhanyan, Robert Francois, Sonny Garcia, Joe Stevenson, Laila Amaria Ali and many more.


Kelly Slater / 11 Time ASP World Tour Champion


ASP WCT World Surfing Champion – Sonny Garcia


Robert Francois Former Linebacker and Super Bowl Champ for the Green Bay Packers


Georgi Karakhanyan, WSOF Featherweight Champion


Cub Swanson MMA / #4 Featherweight in the World

Juan Janaai Archuleta

Juan Jannai Archuleta King of the Cage 3 Weight World Champion

Joe Stevenson

Joe Stevenson The Ultimate Fighter 2 Welterweight Tournament Winner and UFC Top Ranked Lightweight Competitor

TJ Dillashaw

T.J. Dillashaw UFC Bantamweight Champion


Laila Amaria Ali – retired undefeated American professional boxer and daughter of heavyweight boxing legend Muhammad Ali

The Problem:

“There are three things which build and maintain civilization throughout time: pristine air, pristine water, and pristine food. And as an eternal truth I say unto you, that there are three things which bring the end of civilization, even the mightiest that have ever been and shall ever be, from the beginning-less beginning to the endless end of all time: impure air, impure water, and impure food.” Zenda Avesta, 3000 BC.

 Toxic Water


Toxic Food


The Solution: The Pristine Protocol

Step 1. Pristine Hydro Water

You are about 70% water… so we will start there. PristineHydro™ is not only “The Intelligent Choice” it is “The Only Choice.” Rich, poor, average, or superhero… you are only as healthy as the water you drink.

7 Steps

The world has struggled to make progress on drinking water. PristineHydro™ is leading the way by providing the ONLY Water Revival System in the world. We utilize unprecedented researched knowledge to resolve the serious problems with drinking water, the existence of which most people are completely unaware. Our unique patent pending, environmentally friendly filtration process utilizes an innovative, advanced water filtration and re-mineralization, restructuring, recharging, and reprogramming processes that sets the new standard for acid-free, high-alkaline pH, pristine water.


We believe the water that you drink is the most important component to your health. Since 2005, we’ve perfected water quality by providing the only holistically evaluated Water Revival Systems on the market. They not only remove 100% of all contaminates, including fluoride and acids; they structure and properly re-mineralize the water, which helps neutralize excess acids in the body. This evolved restructuring and re-programming restores water to its original, unspoiled condition. By combining the best technologies, we offer unparalleled water quality that will help your body to heal from within.


PristineHydro™ clients can be assured that they will always receive water that is:

– 100% Chemical & Contaminate Free

– High Alkaline pH

– Super-Oxygenated

– Antioxidant

– Properly Mineralised


Drinking PristineHydro™ gives your body energy, boosts your immune system, and it hydrates on a cellular level — but did you know it can also help with acid reflux?


As a result of burning fossil fuel, we have something called acid rain, which is a global problem. Drinking acidic water (acid rain) and other acidic beverages and consuming acidic foods causes acids to build up in our tissues. Eventually, the body delivers symptoms.

Third Party Laboratory Analysis


PristineHydro™ (PHD) Certificate of Analysis / Lab Results PHD Water Revival System


PHD Lab Results / Endocrine Disrupting Compounds & Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products


Weck Laboratories / Certificate of Analysis / Lab Results Water Ionizer / TDS = 400 PPM

Water Revival System


Pristine Hydro Counter Top

Counter Top

Under Sink

Under Counter

Step 2. Electrolyte Balance – Magnesium Bicarbonate with Silica



ElectrolyteBalance™ is predominately Magnesium Bicarbonate and Silica, with traces of Calcium, Sodium, and Potassium Bicarbonate. Our unique formula re-creates the same optimum circumstances nature uses to properly prepare Bicarbonate Salts and Silicic Acid.

Magnesium & Calcium Bicarbonate are complex hydrated salts that exist only in water under specific conditions. Powders and tables are not in bicarbonate form, thus not bio-available.

Silicic Acid is the fully hydrated and oxygenated tetrahedron form of silica that occurs in water. For all mammals that drink fresh water, silicic acid is a dietary requirement. Silicon represents the third most abundant mineral in the human body, making up a total of 1 gram.

According to Mt. Sinai, 90% of Americans have a Magnesium deficiency. This is synonymous with diabetes and many cardiovascular problems. Magnesium Bicarbonate has been known to reduce insomnia, headaches, and inflammation. It also aids with memory, focus, and relaxation.

The body does not store excess Magnesium Bicarbonate and thus it must be replenished daily. ElectrolyteBalance effectively replenishes Magnesium reserves while delivering the added benefits of Silicic Acid. Studies have shown regular consumption of water containing Silicic Acid reduces aluminum uptake from the digestive tract and slows down accumulation of this harmful metal in brain tissue.


Shake well. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons per 12 ounces of PristineHydro Water during the day. Drink 1 to 2 ounces before bedtime to aid with heartburn.


Step 3. Shilajit


Product Description: Translation of “Shilajit” is “Conqueror of Mountains, Destroyer of Weakness.”


Shilajit Powder is composed of 84 Organic Plant Based Minerals, Fulvic, Humic, and Ulmic acids, blended with Triphala, which is one of the most popular herbal remedies in the health food industry that promotes bowel movement. The reason Triphala is added to Shilajit is quite simple, since a very common problem for so many individuals is constipation and bowel irregularity.



– Nature’s Most Powerful Longevity and Anti-Aging Herb

– Nature’s Most Powerful Chelator of Toxins and Organic Mineral Source

– Super Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Viral, and Anti-Histamine

– Increases Testosterone, Sperm Count and Sex Drive 

– Enhances Physical Strength, Energy and Stamina

– Improves Memory, Learning, and Concentration 

– Helps Anxiety and Depression

– Immune System Booster

– High in Organic Iron to Help Anemia 

– Fulvic Acid Increases Nutrient Absorption

– Facilitates Voltage Gated Ion Channels (Electrolyte)

– Treat Gastritis, Constipation and Indigestion

– Protects the Liver and Pancreas

– Increases Metabolism

– Treat High Blood Pressure


Nutrient-rich Triphala (or three fruits: Harada, Amla and Bihara) regulates, strengthens, tones, and cleanses your digestive system without stripping or depleting your body of vital nutrients. Triphala also combines both nutritional as well as blood and liver cleansing actions. This makes it one of the most valuable herbal preparations in the world. A popular folk saying in India is: “No mother? Do not worry so long as you have Triphala.”


Shilajit is a mineral pitch harvested in the Himalayan Mountains at an elevation of 8,000 to 13,000 feet during the warm season. An abundance of microbial life feeding on ancient flora, fauna, and rock creates this amazing panacea. Shilajit’s high mineral content (84+ organic minerals) has been said to provide endocrine-regulating properties (adaptogenic). Shilajit is a balanced and truly amazing super-food, comprised of useful mineral and organic constituents. An essential natural daily supplement, Shilajit is taken to help support digestion and assimilation of food nutrients and allow for greater elimination of toxins and waste products. We have searched the world for the best source of natural Shilajit. After extensive research we zeroed in on the finest Shilajit, handcrafted in the Himalayan Highlands, and imported directly to provide you with the purest, highest quality Shilajit available. A growing body of scientific evidence documented in “Shilajit in Perspective” corroborates the extraordinary contentions that Ayurvedic medicine has made regarding Shilajit for thousands of years.


Usage: Mornings – One tablespoon of Shilajit Powder daily diluted in 8 to 16oz. of PristineHydro water or raw goat milk (or almond milk) and honey. Shilajit can also be combined with Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Honey, Propolis, Kelp, Mother Culture Probiotics Chia Seeds, Coconut Oil, Ginseng, Goat Milk, Yogurt Ghee, with Pristine Ice, etc, in a blender for a Meal Replacement; it can also be added to teas and other beverages. With this small amount of Shilajit you may feel a gentle rush of energy through the body, a more aware mind, and a pleasant feeling of well-being. Expiration: three years.

Step 4. Antidote Meal Replacement


ANTIDOTE – The Most Perfect Food™ is a powerful blend of all natural products.

“Complete Meal Replacement” – Contains all vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates and fats needed for your body to function, from the most pristine, nutrient-dense natural ingredients on the planet. 



Fresh Frozen Enzyme Active Royal Jelly is an antibacterial with anti-inflammatory properties; it increases vigor and physical strength; Royal Jelly Nutrition: 12-13% Protein, 12-15% Carbohydrates, 5-6% beneficial lipids. It is also high in B vitamins, including pantothenic acid. It contains minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and 17 amino acids including the eight essential amino acids. Royal Jelly is the “Most Perfect” form of predigested vegetable protein, it is the richest source of naturally occurring bio-available enzymes… on the planet. This predigested vegetable protein it does not require it own enzymes to digest itself… it possesses an abundance of living enzymes.


Bee Pollen contains 185 known nutritional ingredients, including 22 amino acids, 27 mineral salts, the full range of known vitamins, plus hormones, enzymes, fats, and carbohydrates. Bee pollen is suggested to have additional beneficial elements that are unknown to modern science at this time; all these elements working together bring with them a sense of physical well-being. Bee pollen combined with honey may help fight off the impact of wind-borne pollens. It has been scientifically researched and proven to be an immune booster, a reliable source of acquiring vitamins and minerals in the body, and has a wide array of essential proteins; it can increase energy and endurance.


Raw Honey is so much more than glucose and fructose – it is a nutrient-rich substance with an impressive array of vitamins and minerals with trace amounts of amino acids and antioxidants. Honey contains proteins, carbohydrates, hormones, organic acids, an abundance of enzymes and anti-microbial compounds.


Propolis is made by bees to coat surfaces and keep the hive free of contagious elements. It is made from tree resins and used by people as a natural supplement for maintaining a strong immune system. Carob is added to the ground propolis to keep the powder in a free-flowing form. Carob is a powder with a flavor similar to chocolate. 

Propolis has been used for centuries by many cultures for its antiseptic, antimicrobial, and detoxifying properties. Propolis, also known as “Russian Penicillin” or “bee glue”, is a sticky substance that bees make from tree and other plant resins.

Propolis Nutrition: 7.5-35% waxes, 10% volatile oils, 3-10% fatty acids, 4-19% other compounds. Contains B1, B2, and E vitamins, as well as magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, copper, and other minerals.

Propolis is a profound natural antibiotic. Propolis has been found to aid in eliminating parasites, fungus, bacteria, and mold.


Shilajit is a mineral pitch harvested in the Himalayan Mountains at an elevation of 8,000 to 13,000 feet during the warm season. An abundance of microbial life feeding on ancient flora, fauna, and rock creates this amazing panacea. Shilajit’s high mineral content (84+ organic minerals) has been said to provide endocrine-regulating properties (adaptogenic). The fulvic, humic, and ulmic acids are powerful electrolytes with exceptional nutrient transporting and detoxifying qualities. Shilajit is a balanced and truly amazing super-food, comprised of useful mineral and organic constituents.


USAGE: One teaspoon to one tablespoon per day.

**This product does not contain any of the eight major allergens, however, bee products may cause allergic reactions in some people.


Suggested storage: refrigerated at 35°F minimum. This product does not have an expiration date when it is kept frozen (best in a deep freezer). If it is kept refrigerated, it is good for up to six months from date of purchase.

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